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Leadership Team 2013 / 2014

Board of Directors

  • Brad Swanson
    Brad SwansonPresident

    I am married to Linda Swanson and I love skipping our mixed team in bonspiels because its the only time my wife will listen to me but only if she agrees with the shot I called. Curling is great fun for all ages and all skill levels, it would be great to see a lot of new faces at the open house in November(day after thanksgiving) this year!

  • Jeff Anlauf
    Jeff AnlaufVice President

    It has been a wonderful experience serving on the curling club board. I have been on several boards where its the same people doing all the work all the time. With our curling club, it has been alot of people helping especially with setup and tear down of the club. we have made some good improvements over the last few years and hope to continue forward with that trend. Some projects being considered are, dehumidifiction, coils being put in the cement, and an expanded kitchen area. All part of a wish list while still maintaining our current ice which has been excellent this year again.
    Good curling, and see you at the club.

  • Steve Kast
    Steve KastTreasurer

    We have a great club and thanks to the members support we have been able to make some nice improvements to the club over the past several years. New Scraper, Nipper, regrinding the Rocks, new furnaces and Air exchanger, and now in 2012 we see the pine paneling about the clubroom and new toilets. The Club membership is steady allowing us to build some funds for future equipment replacement like the coils and compressors which are aging a bit. The Club is in good financial condition to support the sport and members for many years.

    Our New Competitive Club which is an approved 501 C 3 Charity, was formed for youth training, classes and clinics and promoting national competition, gives members a unique opportunity to support the sport and the USCA. Anyone who wants more information about the CCCC or USCA Membership please find me at the club.

    Always, good curling to all.

  • Kelly Ellingsen
    Kelli EllingsenSecretary


  • Wayne Yerigan
    Wayne YeriganDirector
  • Rob Willits
    Rob WillitsDirector
  • Trisha Curtis
    Trisha CurtisDirector
  • Linda Swanson
    Linda SwansonDirector
  • Tom Heinen
    Tom HeinenPast President / Director

    The first time I stepped on the ice I was hooked! That was over 13 years ago. I started my own team and I enjoy bringing in new members. The proudest day in my curling career was the day my son Adam asked me if I would help him become a curler. I helped him form a rookie team of teenagers and he has never looked back. He is attending college this fall in St Cloud and is he trying to figure out how he can continue to curl.

    I was not very involved in the club at first and I simply enjoyed league play. After a few years I started going to bonspiels and then started to volunteer my time at the club. It is my involvement that helps me feel like I was part of the Cambridge Curling “Club”. It’s a place I can go and talk about the sport I enjoy and I can hang out with people who share that interest. Through my volunteering I was able to meet a lot of great people, which led to me being asked if I would serve on the board. I was again fortunate and was elected to my first term in 2007 as your  president. I am currently in my second term and once again your president.

    I want to thank all of you for your confidence and support in allowing me to serve on the board in my second term. In the last 5 years I have met many great curlers and established friendships that will last forever. THANK YOU!

  • Linda Swanson
    Rich PolzinDirector

Past Presidents

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